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A Historical Perspective by Harold Brown

 The idea of a picks club came to me as I found that my appreciation for professional football grew with each passing year. During the seasons of 1984 – 1986, I experimented with an idea of predicting the outcome of professional football games on a competitive basis using mathematical calculations to determine a superior pick caller. In order to develop this idea, four stages using four separate NFL seasons were utilized. During the 1st year, a failsafe mathematical scheme for recording averages was studied. 

The 2nd season or phase sought to determine enough of a capacity of stringent rules that no one player could dominate because of an awkward rule.
In the 3rd year, I began to look at ways that revenue could be generated for the club’s sustained growth. This phase has many continuing developmental stages including membership fees.In the 4th year, space consideration was paramount, as a picks club house was first started in New York at my apartment, and continued when I arrived in LA where real members and real prizes were awarded for the 1987 & 1988 seasons. Continuing research for a permanent home is still being studied.

As we embark upon the our 26th season of the renewed Picks Club, we have developed into a fully operational on-line sports club with members throughout  the United States. It is my hope that within the next few years, the Picks Club will grow to become the most sought-after club in the country.
If you are a potential sponsor or know of one, please get them in touch with the only true pick club. The original "Harold's Picks Club. Ask any past or current member if they had fun and they will tell you-yes. That is my primary objective in the establishment of this picks club. It is for those of us who love football and I know you do.

I would like to thank my wife Debbie who I love so much for her patience and love throughout the crazy football season. Also a big shout out to my boy Kwabena and my angel Abena and our new one coming. All my love.


How to Play/Rules
 Selection Process

 A player must select not less than five but no more than six games in any give week of play.

 New or returning players can join until week 5 of the NFL regular season start.

 He or she must e-mail, fax, call, hand deliver or mail those picks to the club at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the football

 1st games on the weekend. All changes supersede earlier entries entirely and also must be in 30 minutes prior to start of principle games.

 If your picks are not received before the deadline or not at all, 5 (five) loss picks will be added to your total for that week. If you do not pick for 3 consecutive weeks, you will be dropped from the roster.

 By the end of the season, you must have picked at least 13 weeks or not less than 65 total games in order to qualify for season ending prizes.

 At week 16, players can pick all 16 games to catch up or not pick at all to maintain a certain average with no loss pick added to the total.

  All selections will be kept strictly confidential. They will not be revealed to any other members until after the end of the season is over upon request.


Harold " The House"

 Calculation Process

 Your percentage calculation will result from the number you have right divided by the number wrong.

 In the event of a tie, calculation down to the decimal point will go into effect.

 In the event of an absolute tie, a run off or sudden death based upon the following week will determine a winner.

 If your average is the highest at the end of any give month you will win a prize for that month. Prizes are available every month and they are selected at the  discretion of The House.

 At the end of the regular season, your average will be calculated separately with that of the play offs and will result in a cumulative average.



Regular Season Average + Play off Average / 2 + 5% for Correct

Superbowl Point Spread +/-2 percentage points for correct or

incorrect Superbowl winner = Grand Total Season Average


The HOUSE is a non – entity.

It is only responsible for the administration of rules and regulations and as such; staff members are not eligible for any prizes, winnings or pots.

The HOUSE can pick each week and can participate in the overall season, but its placement on the weekly graph is only there for show.

The HOUSE must provide a schedule at least 2 days prior to the start of the week of games. This includes early games such as Thursdays and Saturdays.

 The HOUSE is responsible for calculating correct total percentages each week and at the end of the year. These totals are available for review by all  members in hard copy or electronic form at any time.

 The HOUSE is responsible for purchasing and providing winning items that are an regularly available. These items are hats, t-shirts, mugs, patches, jackets,      trinkets, etc.

 The HOUSE Is not responsible for delivery of winnings, additional costs, schemes, damage, or any malice associated with winnings.

 The HOUSE is responsible for providing a club house for its members by the start of the each season.

 All rules and regulations are subjected to be changed or amended.