Rashid K. 


HPC Champion

​5th Championship

HPC Superbowl Party 2018

Home of Harold & Debbie

​We had an awesome time with great people, food, drinks and a whole lot of fun.

​We'll See You Next Year !!!

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This is Harold Brown, creator of Harold's Picks Club. He is The House. This is a national picks club competition among members who pick five or six games in the NFL each week. Unlike other picks competition programs, HPC is not a gambling club and does not pay out any money. This club is pure fun and prizes as you see here. 




2017-18 - 3rd ​   Place Overall 

Team Raiders 

2017-18 - Team Champs

Bruin Girl, Sunshine & Black Reign

Bruin Girl 

Win your favorite team Hats, Jackets,   T-Shirts, Mugs, Jerseys and more !


Only $25.00

per - Season

Harold's NFL Picks Club

National Picks Club Competition

House Wins:
No prize given

Clint The Cardinal, 2017-18

December Prize of the Month

Nick S (Left) 2017-18

September Prize of the Month

Kevin T


Most 100% Weeks


7 Perfect Weeks

Black Reign

Black Reign 2017-18

October & November 

Prizes of the Month

Clint The Cardinal. 


2nd Place Overall

Also Regular Season Champion

Sunshine (Right)l